Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day - Keeping it Classy

Valentines day is, by no means, a well celebrated holiday in our house hold. Largely we both think of it as a Hallmark holiday, but one that has some amazing deals on food (champagne, steaks, seafood, chocolates etc). We took advantage on Saturday (read: NOT the big V Day) and picked up a couple of nice steaks along with some manila clams.

We cooked up the steaks using a recipe that we pulled off of a main dish challenge viewed on Worst Cooks In America (Anne's Rib Eyes with Mushroom Sauce) and we steamed the clams in a white wine/garlic reduction. It was bliss. I was in heaven. I love good deals on food.

I'm getting hungry just thinking about what we had on Saturday night.

I may have to go grab my lunch a couple hours early.


At any rate, you may be wondering what we did last night. We didn't ignore it all together. We usually spend the evening in. Together. Watching a movie, or whatever else strikes our fancy. Last night? We had sandwiches and watched Smokey and the Bandit II. We washed it down with some $4 champagne.

What can I say? We keep it classy around here in Jonesville.


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