Monday, January 31, 2011

My guy

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This is my guy. Isn't he handsome? He has earned many, many kudos recently and deserves to be told how fabulous he is as often as possible. He has maintained (mostly) a positive attitude through this whole business with unemployment, but there are more reasons as well.

  1. He's quitting. Smoking that is. He's only broken down and had one twice since he quit. He's gone cold-turkey. I am beyond proud of him. 
  2. He cooks for me. If you haven't had his food, you're missing out. Though we may be on simple fare now, due to our budget, but he pulls off this fare flawlessly. Because I'm the only one working right now I'm usually not allowed to cook. 
  3. He cleans for me too. Same deal, he cleans like a mad person and generally doesn't allow me to clean because I'm the one working. 
  4. In the face of some pretty serious adversity he has done his best to support me, and I him, to hold each other up and to just generally do good. 
I love this man more than I can even begin to explain. He makes me laugh every single day and he's my best friend. 

Also today? He got the job. I'm going to go home and celebrate with him this afternoon, because he is more than deserving of this opportunity.


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