Monday, January 17, 2011

And then? There was no job.

The post I was going to write this morning is a far different one than the one I did write this morning...

Each person has his or her breaking point. Mike and I each reached ours this weekend. Mike's first day at his new job was to have been on Friday. It was supposed to be a half day of training preparing him for his full on-the-job training to begin today. Rather than going directly to the office, however, he was asked to meet the owners for coffee. Upon hearing that, bless him, Mike immediately changed and chose to approach the event as sort of a third interview. Seeing as I wasn't present for the eventful coffee meeting, I'm not sure precisely what happened. What I do know? Is that the company he was to begin working for is clearly lacking some simple ethics and morals. Mike was initially told that they were hiring for 3 total positions. One as an inspection technician and two as pest control technicians. At the coffee "event" he was told that the owners had, not knowing that the HIRING MANAGER was.. y'know... hiring people, had interviewed someone and wanted to hire him. Mike was advised he had an advantage in the coming discussion because he had his license already. They said they would let him know shortly what their decision was.


The break came just a few short hours later. I wasn't there for it, so again, I still am not sure what happened. What I do know? Is that the husband I came home to was not one I'd ever encountered before. It's a hard thing, to be without work for so long; and to have one essentially ripped out from beneath his nose was the final straw. By the time I got home, he was quiet and looked haggard. I nearly reached my own breaking point right there, knowing that he blames himself for the loss of the original job, the loss of this one, and his inability to find work.

My own break didn't come until later in the weekend. And really? I should have seen it coming. All of the financial stress from the last six months had been lifted... and had come crashing back down all at once. All of the old questions have crowded back in: Where will we live in April, how are we going to afford to live anywhere else, how are we going to fix the car... It goes on. You get the point. After a couple of hours I was feeling less brittle and, while I'm exhausted this morning, I think we're both beginning to feel a bit more human.

To end this very depressing post on a lighter note... HBO has a new teaser trailer out for Game of Thrones. C'mon April 17!


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