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Friday, January 28, 2011

When nothing at all seems to go right

Cali 07
Mike and I in Napa - 2007

When nothing seems to be going right in life and it feels like the entire universe is out to get me I try to remember the good things that I am surrounded with . My friends and family etc. Mike is in yet another interview process with yet another company. Hopefully this one will go better than the last.

California 07
Mia and I Napa - 2007
Hopefully, 2011 is going to turn around in a big hurry. I know we're ready for it. Mike's unemployment benefit has not yet been extended due to some massive mix-up with the temp agency he was working with just before Christmas. He was told his contract ended on a specific date and that he wouldn't be working beyond that date unless otherwise notified. He wasn't notified. It means we're not getting paid. Ouch. Nuff said.

Heather and I - December 2009

In other news, Heather's birthday is today. Isn't she gorgeous? I love her and I hope her day is fabulous. I will note at this juncture that she has to work today, which is a bum deal. But I'm hoping that she grabs a drink or a bite to eat or something.

Heather & Jarrod
Heather and Jarrod - December 2009

Hopefully her man will do something verrrrry nice for her today too, knowing that she's working. Aren't they cute together? I heart them both very much.

Happy birthday baby sister!


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