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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Still feels like summer

It still feels like summer here in Washington - View from Pike Place Market

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Prayers for baby Ewan

I've never been one for overt displays of religion, it really just isn't who I am. But last night, my good friend Kirsten over at was in some serious need of prayer. She and her little, budding family still are.

Baby ewan went in for his first cath-lab last night, so that the cardiac team at Seattle Children's Hospital could map out a plan of care for this little guy. He went from there directly to emergency open heart surgery.
Suffice to say I've been up most of the night myself, praying that this beautiful, precious little baby would make it through the night. This morning, I got up after a few hours of fitful sleep to find out that Ewan did indeed pull through.... but he is far from out of the woods yet.

You don't have to be an overly religious person to help out here. You don't even need to "pray" by definition. But, if nothing else, keep this little guy and his family in your hearts. Send positive thoughts out into the universe. Perhaps stop by and leave a word or two of encouragement.. you can even pass them through me.

Until then, I wait with bated breath for the next update.. and perhaps a small miracle.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Ending

Kites In the air
Kites at the beach

Lunch with a view
Dreaming of summer

Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Ewan is here!!!

Baby Ewan joined us a couple of weeks early on Saturday morning... my good friend Kirsten over at and her husband are overjoyed to have their little fighting angel with them at last.

Ewan has been transferred to Children's Hospital already and is undergoing tests to determine when his surgeries etc will be taking place. If you haven't visited yet, drop by to learn about his story. Suffice to say we are all praying for him. 

Happy Monday, folks! 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Winter is coming

I'm just going to come right out and say it...

I'm a nerd. 

I'm not an over the top, in your face sort of nerd. But I am very definitely a nerd. I'd rather be reading than nearly anything else. (I can devour 300+ pages in a few short hours) One of my favorite things is adaptations. I just cannot help but be fascinated when things go from print to screen.. and what happens in that transition. (One notable exception to this rule would have to be the travesty that was Eragon.. if you're one of the few that loved that movie, you clearly did not read the books at all)

One of my favorite series of all time are by George RR Martin. His A Song of Ice and Fire. Happily enough, two years ago an announcement was made to the effect that HBO had picked up the rights to the fabulous series. I haven't talked about it much at all here, preferring to lurk over at WIC's blog, but the show was eventually picked up and will be coming to a TV near you in 2011. Principal photography is underway and, prior to True Blood's season finale on Sunday, HBO released a little featurette with behind the scenes footage. I'm excited. Heck, I'm over the moon! Take a peek:

For more information on this sure to be fabulous show, you can visit , or HBO's site. I hope you'll be just as excited as I am!

Happy Birthday Seeeester!

I've been looking for a picture to do this with for the last few weeks... and I've finally found it! I may be four days late on the actual post (rest assured that I wished her a happy birthday on her special day)

Seeester's birthday was this past Saturday. For those of you keeping track... yes that is 09/11. Since that fateful day, I really think that her special day gets frequently lost in a day of remembrance... so I wanted to call it out here!

I know her weekend was fantastic and we will be continuing celebrations up at the farm this weekend. For now, check her out below.. being the goofball that I've always known and loved her to be!

Check one off the bucket list! Seester and Pops ride a camel.

Wordless Wednesday: Finding order in chaos...

Under Deception Pass
Under Deception Pass Bridge - Summer 2010

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Round Two

This weekend started out normally enough. . . Mike was going to finish up helping Alfie sod her lawn, I was headed to a baby shower for Kirsten over at Team Ewan, I fully intended to get some posts up around here along with some new pictures.

Then Mike's body decided to hit us up for round two of kidney stones for this year and everything else pretty much went out the window. Back to he hospital full of  IVs etc. Back to a pain filled world for the man. BLEH. He was told he had three in all the last time he was in back at the beginning of August, but that two of them were still in the kidneys and may never move. Guess one decided it was time to rock and roll.

As a result? I don't really have much to post about right now. We're making an appointment with the specialist today.. just keep your fingers crossed that he doesn't have to have any procedure to have this one removed.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Changing Seasons

Fall is nearly here, just a few short weeks away. With fall... or really just before it "officially" begins, all of the really fall-like things start cropping up in life.

  • All the kiddos are going back to school
  • Pumpkin Spice lattes are back... and this year they brought an absolutely FABULOUS Toffee mocha with them!
  • Leaves start changing color
  • "Oscar Season" officially begins
And finally... FOOTBALL is back! I know my television will be largely monopolized with one game or another for the next few months. This year, in conjunction with back to school and football, Kenny Chesney released a new song called "The Boys of Fall". I loved the song the first time I heard it... the video though? The video is absolutely wonderful!

I'm sure that we'll hear it once or twice this season, but I really think that everyone should see the video itself.

Because I've already given you one video to watch, I figure I'll give you a twofer this Friday! It certainly isn't football related, but anyone who's read or watched Anne of Green Gables will recognize what the folks in the video are doing.

Happy weekend all!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I know I've been slacking on posts around here... and I'm sure that you're all wondering what on earth is going on with us lately. I'll be catching everyone up soon... but for now I'm tired and at work.